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Successful Stories

Megha Patil

Hello Hema ma'am. Thankyou for guiding me through my weight gain journey and letting me know the importance of healthy lifestyle.
As per your diet plan I was able to gain 1-2 kilos of weight in one month, which you clarified before joining only.
There are many changes that I have seen in myself like reduction in face acne, I have noticed glow on my face and I have seen sudden increase in my energy level also. My constipation is also cured.
Once again thanks a lot for guiding me.

Priya Andley

I have been on Hema Ji's diet. It's been very successful and I've gained 6 kgs and feel much better, healthier and energetic than before. Her nourishing diet plan gave me the best mix of protein, fibres and carbohydrates that have been added to my daily diet. I will continue this diet and exercise simultaneously to remain healthy. Thanks for your help.