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Successful Stories

Harish Sharma

Hello Hema Ji, I contacted you on 17.04.2023 when as per my blood test report, my Thyroid/ TSH was very high 11.62 mU/L and total cholesterol was 226. I didn’t want to start any medication, as I had belief that right kind of diet and lifestyle can reverse and cure the ailments. You suggested me a diet rich in fruits and veggies besides other lifestyle changes to be made by me and I followed sincerely. After 1 month on 18.05.2023, I got my blood test done again and to my surprise my Thyroid/ TSH normalized completely to 4.16 mU/L and total cholesterol was 153. I am so Happy and thankful to you Hema Ji for helping me Reverse my problems, without the need to take any medicines. I suggest everyone that they should first try natural ways to reverse/heal their body/ ailments and if it does not help then only take help of medicines.