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Successful Stories

Sanya shah

Hello everyone. I am Sanya shah. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2020. After completing allopathic treatment, I was alright. But after 1 year(in 2021) I had a relapse of TB after contacting Covid. I had fever with chills, extreme weakness, headaches, joint pains, nausea etc. Doctors treated me with a variety of medicines but all was in vain. My condition was worsening day by day and my case was getting complicated. In 2022, doctors suggested me a lung surgery. I was assured that I will be completely alright after it. However my condition further deteriorated after the surgery.
One day scrolling through YouTube my father came across Mrs Hema Singh's video on treating diseases with power of food. I was taking 3 tablets of Anti-TB drugs and antibiotics which were completely destroying my immunity. Mrs Hema Singh stopped all my medicines on the first day of starting the treatment. Within 15 days of starting the treatment my mentioned issues have reduced by 50-60%. This was no less than a MIRACLE for me as I was suffering from past 2 years. She also helped me through sessions of Pranic Healing by Mr. Shashi Nair Sir. I would urge everyone to stop trusting multi-speciality hospitals. We just need Health Educators like her. Thank you Hema ma'am.