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Successful Stories

Riva Choudhary

My father suffered from Covid-19 and was in ICU for a month. He is a known case of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus. The diet given by Dt. Hema Singh helped my father with his blood sugar levels and Protein levels. My father stopped his medication for sugar because diet normalised his sugar levels. His other parameters like High Potassium, low sodium, low protein levels, high creatinine levels, all normalised with the diet. Indeed, a healthy outside starts from inside. Thanks Hema Singh.

Anand Jha

Hi Doctor Hema,
I reached out to you in June 2020, for the cure of my father (Mr. D.K. Jha) who had constant Bloating and Gas formation in stomach.
The diet suggested by you really helped my father and he is feeling much better after month of following it. His Bloating problem, gas formation and tightness in stomach reduced to almost 70% in a month’s time. There was also lot of improvement in passing proper Bowel movement. It improved Appetite also and better mood. NO medicines as suggested by you.
We understood that it’s not medicines or any treatment but a good lifestyle and daily practices of eating correct that cures and heals any problem. Thank you for helping us out and being a life saviour. Please let me know if I can be of any help.


Hello my name is Neha and I want to thank hema for introducing me to this ‘Healing Diet’. I came to her with body stiffness, problems of indigestion, stubborn weight and allergies to salt. I was highly skeptical about this healing diet at first and was more inclined towards the normal diet specially to loose weight. With hema’s guidance I started the healing diet. It was an amazing journey.

It helped me a lot and within 3 weeks, I got rid of my body stiffness especially after the workouts, which I use to get earlier.
I feel healthy. This diet helped me to get rid of indigestion. I have lost around 3 kgs in 3 weeks time. It has helped me to have a better lifestyle like to inculcate better eating habits like introducing fruits and raw vegetables as a main part of my meal and to be able to overcome the desire of bed-tea and packaged food like bread and biscuits.I wish to follow this further and make this my permanent lifestyle.

To sum it all up - Thank you Hema for helping me and introducing these food habits which we all talk about but don't really inculcate in our life. As a pranic healer myself, I really wanted to over come my ill habits and start a near to satvik lifestyle.

Thanks a lot, your study and your insight has really helped me to achieve it and change my life for good .

Hema Singh

I also started eating the Balanced diet based on Raw foods in desired quantities and within a few days, I noticed the following benefits with this diet –
  • My blood pressure, which remained on lower side, got Normalised within 3 weeks and after 6 months also (as on April 2020), no symptoms of low BP experienced even once in 6 months.
  • My Energy Levels increased
  • My Muscle mass / stamina increased
  • Lost some Weight
  • Noticed New Hair growth and No hair fall
  • Knee stiffness got cured
  • Immunity increased
  • Overall body became healthier