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Successful Stories

Sonia Kumbhakar

Hello Hema ma'm...

Mujhe bahut khushi ho rhi ke apke dvara btaye gye 3 step diet ko follow krke maine apna fever thik kar liya..aur mai aage bhi apni life me dip diet pe rhungi maine ye nishchay kiya hai...aise time pe jab sab log corona se dare huye h..apne meri help ki...aur isse mujhe motivation mili k mai baaki logo ko bhi is bare me jagruk krungi...ap aur apki team bahut achchha kr rhe h...mai dr. Vishwaroop roy ji ke pure team ka dil se dhanyawad krti hu...
Thank u so much...

Lohit Kumar A M.

It's from last week I was suffering from cough and weakness. And approached NICE for advice. I was suggested by you Madam and in a 3 days I was almost better and work as efficient as before..
I would be heartfully thank you Madam Hema Singh for your regular advice on DIP diet and assistance 24/7.
Thank You.

Dikshant Chauhan

मैं दीक्षांत (दीपक ) हरिद्वार से हूँ. 3 दिन पहले मुझे बुखार और गले में समस्या हुई तो मैंने 2 दिनों तक फ्लू डाइट को अपनाया। अब Dip ले रहा हूँ। आपकी नाइस टीम बहुत अच्छा काम कर रही है। BRC सर मानवता के लिए एक श्रेष्ठ कार्य कर रहे है।ईश्वर आपको शताधिक आयुष्य प्रदान करें।
NICE टीम से हेमा जी का व्यवहार एवं कार्य शैली अतिउत्तम है। सभी का हृदय से आभार।

Neelam Dwivedi

I am overwhelmed to express my gratitude towards team of Dr. Biswaroop.
I am Neelam Dwivedi and suffered from flu for 10 days. The 3-step Diet and later the diet plan by Medical Expert Ms. Hema singh were extremely effective. Within 3 days of compliance, I feel energetic. I vow to follow the same lifelong. Special thanks to Hema Ma'am, whose guidance was always there and also took updates on health every single day and gave suggestions accordingly. Now, I believe that I have a better system in place than ever before.
Never thought that a healthy diet plan would be accessible without paying a single penny.
I wish for good health of team of N.I.C.E. for their unconditional selfless service.

Nitish Shetty

I am absolutely thankfull for your service as a health coach. U have guided me till the very end. U are sincere in intent. Ur dedication to helping my nephew (Nishika) is impressive and once again A big thank u to you and Dr Biswaroop sir for providing this NICE team.



Akjesh R.Desai

My self Alkesh Desai from Surat, Gujarat.

Couple of weeks back i had developed symptoms of covid 19 and Doctor advised me to get hospitalized in covid center. One of my wellwisher asked to fill up the form pf your clinic and i did it.
And immediately i got call from your end explained me the details of virus and advised me DIP diet for the same. I surrendered to the instructions given by you and to not only my surprise but from my known people's surprise i recovered in just 4 days. It’s a big miracle of my life when other patients of my apartments were either dying or still on ventilator, me and my family are enjoying healthy life.
Not only flu, my diabetes is also normal now. My skin was blackish and now its wheatish with glow.Initially 2nd plate was not able to consume but now past 4 days i eat 2nd plate also with sufficient food.
Thank you once again and i assure you that i shall make awareness of this DIP det to all my contacts. Thanks for saving my life and money and guiding me to new way of healthy life.

Lallan Singh

Thanks a lot for helping me. I am happy to use your 3 Step Flu diet. Now i'm fine and regularly walk for approx 3 to 4 KMs.

Kinsuk Chakraborty

Dear Maam,

I thank you for Treatment of fever and other corona symptoms.
I wish to mention here that with your natural treatment instructions, I am keeping better now and hope to get fully fit in the next few days.I had symptoms of corona like fever and taste and smelling problems but with your herbal therapy I am doing well now and recovering at a quick rate. I would like to recommend everyone about this organic therapy and not go for complicated allopathy treatment. Most importantly not to panic.
Thank you for your guidance and kind help.

Yogesh Kumbhar

मेरा नाम योगेश लक्ष्मण कुंभार मै आठ दिन हॉस्पिटल मे अपनी भांजी की सेवा मे था तो मुझे कोरूना के सिम्प्टम्स देखने लगे डॉक्टर लोक पास भी नही आणे देते बुखार सास लेने मे तकलिफ और बहुत सारी थकान मैने डॉक्टर विश्वरूपराय चौधरी का डायट प्लॅन फॉलो किया मेरा वजन के हिसाब से डायट लिया और तिसरे चौथे दिन मैने अपना चेकअप कारवाया रिपोर्ट निगेटिव्ह आया मै डॉक्टर और उनकी टीम का बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद करता हूँ

Alakhdeo Prasad

You have suggested about diet for the treatment of Covid19, which is helpful for me and improved my health.