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Successful Stories

Paavni Sharma

Hello Hema ma’am, I am so happy to share that I have lost 6 kgs in a month. When I didn't follow any diet, losing so much weight seemed impossible, even following a diet looked impossible to me. When I got to know about you, and how you made me understand that without medicines and without any supplements, weight loss and natural periods was possible, I refused to agree but went with it. You made things easy for me to understand. My energy levels got high and I felt productive, I feel energetic now. I was totally helpless and had no clue to reverse my weight gain and unhealthy binge eating habits, but as I kept following your diet and dealt with patience, I saw and soon realised the magic of food. I am glad that I chose you and I feel blessed that within a reasonable time, I could manage my weight and PCOS. I stopped all my medicines and managed to get periods, that's magic for me. Thankyouuu.

S Agarwal

After almost a year on medicine with minimal results, I turned to Hema ma’am to help cure my PCOD. Within less than a month, her diet had proved extremely effective. Now that I’ve done her diet, my PCOD is cured and I’ve been getting my normal, pre diagnosis periods. Thank you!

Akanksha Pathania

Hello ma’am, hope you’re doing good. I am here to tell you that I’ve lost 3.8 kgs this month and also my periods are coming regularly from past 2 months, with the help of your diet and guidance. Initially it was easy when you were there to monitor but was difficult when I was doing it by myself. I kept all the points and suggestions given by you in my mind and followed them. It was really helpful. I am still in progress but will surely be able to reach my target with your guidance.
Thank you.


Hello Hema ma’am, my periods were irregular due to Pcod and my weight was also more than 90 kgs when I contacted you. I am following your diet for last 3 months and from second month onwards my periods have become regular, though the flow is less, but every month without taking any medicine and just with the help of your diet, my periods are regular on same date every month. I have lost lot of weight also, which is unbelievable. I thank you a lot for everything and will continue diet for a few more months to improve my blood flow and lose more weight. Thanks for teaching me that Pcod is curable with food alone, no medicine required.


By following your diet, Hema mam, my periods have become regular and now i do not have irregular periods which was there because of Pcod. After starting your diet, within 15 days I got my periods after a gap of 5 months. Thank you so much.


My Daughter has gained a lot of confidence by losing weight and she does not have the PCOD problems anymore. She has also learnt a healthy way of eating and says she has more energy than before. These diets which Hema Singh gave my daughter, are really very effective. My daughter lost weight very soon after her Pcod got cured. I strongly recommend girls with Pcod and obesity issues to take the diet by the Nutritionist Hema Singh, as her results are incredible!!


I am so thankful to you Hema ma'am. The healing diet helped me to lose 15 kgs in 4 to 5 months and it also has healed my pcod problem. Now I am regular with my menstural cycle and this would not have been possible without your Guidance, Counselling and the diet plan . It has also improved my energy levels and i dont crave for fast food anymore . I recommend those with pcod problem should try this diet as the results are simply amazing.