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Amazon Reviews on Book


A good book on nutrition and how the body uses food
Its a very informative book on the how the body works with the food that is consumed and its nutritional requirements. It has been written in a way that anyone at any age can understand and remember most of its contents easily. I'd definitely recommend it to those who would like to understand nutrition better in an easy way and want to improve their health without using much synthetic medicines.

mona sharma

This is a guide to healthy living
This book is an eye opener for many of us. It is broken down in such a way that it is easy to read or go to the sections you are most interested. Following changes in the eating habits will help us get to the perfect health, helps us feel good and perform better, it truly pushes the immunity quotient higher and higher, beautiful blend of holistic health and wellness


A handy book to keep in your collection of books .
This book is a very useful book to clarify your doubts on various types of food and vitamins and how they effect your health. It's easy to read as each topic has a different chapter and you can easily go to the chapter you want more information about. Would definitely recommend it as an addition to your library for an easy consult on nutrition and diet for all round improved health.

Varsha Patil

It's became really helpful for me. thanks hema mam.
Very helpful book, i would definitely recommend.

Sarbjeet Singh

All the nutrition information in one place is good
Good book, Very helpful and informative !!!!

Pawan Dixit

A really good hand book for everyone striving to have good health
The book covers the entire information on nutrition . It's a ready encyclopedia for an individual who wants to know about right kind of food for a healthier life ...a must read for all aspiring good health


Mini Encylopedia of Nutrition
Everything explained explicitly about food and nutrition. This book is must for those who genuinely care for health and nutrition.


Very Informative Book
Loved reading the book - simple and very informative. Very useful information about what all foods we should eat daily and why stop milk etc.


Simple things
Will power and discipline … small small things makes big difference … following diet made very easy with these simple things

Jaydeep singh

Excellent book
I really enjoyed this book, now it's playing big role in my fitness..........everyone who seriously take his/her fitness goals , I suggest he should definitely go for this

Amazon Customer

Become healthy or exttinct is a essence of this book
This book is really amazing. It teaches us about millets the ancient grains which have amazing properties to cure our body. Which can cure anything and everything. It's a knowledge with which I came across first time. If we have to survive and be disease free. We have to adopt these ideas. Well-done hema for such a handy solution.

Amazon Customer

Very helpful and informative !!!!