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Successful Stories

Ruchika Jhingan

Hello Hema Ji..i am highly grateful for your kind guidance and dietary plan due to which I have lost nearly 10 kg of weight in 2 monrhs. I remember in our first conversation I mentioned that even if I lose 2 kg in one month, I will be happy. However, thanks to your honest assistance today I am limitless about losing weight. I look forward to your continued support and further reducing my weight by at least 10 kgs.

Mukesh Rathore

Hello Hemaji, a big thanks to you along with great appreciation. Your guidance and plan has been indeed very effective and successful. Never before in my weight loss endeavour, I could achieve / loose so much (10 kg +) in just 2 months. Thanks once again for your wonderful efforts & support. God bless you & your family.

Payal Goel

Talking about ‘Diet’ is always not so exhilarating, people really don’t prefer choosing the method of dieting to loose down weight. Long ago about 2 months or so my mom searched for this nutritionist on internet and found Hema nutritionist in South Ext. She came through this astonishing, incredible dietician. She literally changed the meaning of dieting for my family, she changed both my mom’s and dad’s health lifestyle. She helped my mom loose weight and she made my mom reach to her DREAM WEIGHT. She had some restrictions for her like eat dinner lunch breakfast timely and off course salad was also compulsory. Hence she taught me a very important lesson which is “The groundwork of all happiness is health”. Hence, I totally recommend you to visit this lady, she will surely change you and your look in a positive way. I would just say she is tremendous, phenomenal. All positive words are less for her. Hence, she always says “One must eat to live, not live to eat”.


I am Shikha and I am 24 year's old. My weight had touched 93.7kg and I was very much worried about my weight and always thinking how to lose weight. I searched for a Dietician through ‘Just Dial’ and got Dr. Hema Singh's contact number and we met her. I told her I am getting married and need to lose 20 kgs in 2 months time and also that I have Pcod problem. She told me it is not easy due to Pcod but she assured me that she will do her best. It was a challenge for both of us. Luckily, I was able to lose around 10 kgs in one month time and I am very Happy. She keeps changing my diet every day. I feel very light and my face is also glowing and people tell me that I am looking more beautiful now. Second month has started and I hope she helps me to lose another 10 kg before my marriage. I thank you Hema ma’am for helping me lose excess weight and I am sure we will lose another 10 kg soon.

Bhavika Grover

Hello Hema ma’am, you are the nicest person i have met, so humble, so much patience to always listen to me every time. Replying to my queries in no time, no matter what time and how busy you are. Your advice helped me lose around 5 kg of weight in a month's time and that too without starving. I feel more healthy, fresh, active and energetic in the last one month than ever. Thank you so much ♥

Akansha Manocha

Hi Hema, You are not just a Dietician, but a life-changer. After getting in contact with you, I realised what healthy food is. Your Diet recommendations are very flexible and you give the freedom to follow your body and eat what you feel like rather than eating a specific food or meal on a particular day. Your advice helped me lose 5.5 kgs of weight in a month's time and that too without starving. Also, this is not a diet for a particular period, this is a diet for life. I feel more healthy, fresh, active and energetic in the last one month than ever. Thank you Hema!!


Dear Hema mam,
This is to let you know how much thankful I am to you. In the month of June 2020, I had no idea what is wrong with my body but I was gaining weight rapidly even after cutting down Sugar and junk and doing exercises. In such bad situation you came as my saviour and guided me about the proper diet and made me understand what suits my body and what should be avoided and gave me enough motivation. When my weight bounced back, special thanks for introducing me to Pranic Healing. With both Healing and proper diet, I lost 7 Kgs in 2.5 months(71kgs to 64kgs). Now my body gives me good confidence all because of you, so much love for you.


Doctor Hema, i will ever be greatful to you for your healing diet. I lost nearly 12 kgs of weight even with PCOD, Which I thought that i could never do but you made it possible. This healing diet helped me alot in increasing my stamina. Within 2 weeks of following this diet, my energy levels increased. I started getting natural glow on my face with these raw food and smothies that you suggested me. I am not feeling tired or lethargic anymore.

Above all, I really liked all the guidance you gave me and stood by me till i lost weight. Above all you are very understanding and empathetic. I am blessed to have such guidance in my life . Above all you taught me the importance of eating clean for a healthy body .

Usha Kumar

Thanks Hema for giving best & comfortable advice regarding diet control & health fitness. Your proposed diet has reduced my weight upto 5kg in 1st month & 3.5kg in 2nd month, inspite of lots of cheating, still working hard to reduce more. You are truly a great dietician. I really appreciate your practice & efforts.

Reuchlin Anthony

I suffered from Hypothyroidism and gained almost 67 kgs. I then decided to change my diet with the help of a dietitian, so I refered to google and got Ms Hema Singh's number. I consulted her only for a month and was able to lose 5 kgs in a month. Really happy to choose her as a dietitian, she keeps in touch with you everyday which I am sure no other dietitian does. She is very good in her work and with her help you will definitely lose weight. Also her diet is pretty simple and healthy. Amazing Experience. Thank you Ms. Hema.

Priya Pinto

Hi Hemaji,
My heartfelt testimony. Thank you for your support and patience!!
I initially contacted you to take care of my dad's health issues through your nutrition program. It was the first time I ever consulted a dietitian/nutritionist. When I saw that he was responding very well to your diet plan and his health was getting better, I decided to consult you for my own weight issues. I must say I never thought following a diet to lose weight would be soo filling!! I felt stuffed with the diet you provided but yet I was losing weight!! That's incredible isnt it? Besides, I felt really good following your diet plan. With your constant monitoring and patience with me and little discipline from my side, I managed to lose 7 kilos in just a month! I am now confident that I can continue to lose more weight in a healthy way without feeling starved and still enjoy my favourite food once in a while without feeling guilty.

Neelam Viswanath

Hi Hemaji,
I am writing to you after a really long time. I joined you in 2018 before my sons wedding in February 2019. You helped me immensely by not only giving me a perfect diet but more so by giving me confidence that I can do it .. which I was never sure of . Thanks to you that before my son's wedding I could shed 10 kg and now want to share with you that slowly and gradually I have managed to shed another 15 kg. That too without staying hungry. My constipation problem is also almost cured. The smoothies really helped me a lot. Thanks again dear. Now will join you again once this madness is over for staying fit staying healthy .

Gayatri Sahdev

Hi everyone !
My name is Gayatri, and I have been taking Nutrition guidance and services of the same from Mrs Hema Singh.
It’s been an absolute pleasure, this journey of great healthy food and the right amount of Nutrition has been super amazing. I have seen myself achieving my goals and desires of the right body type and weight loss that I aimed at.
She’s an amazing nutritionist and also a lovely person. I recommend you all to try her sessions out for the best results in your body!

Pernita Dixit

Thanks Hema dear, I have lost 10 kgs in 2 months time. I had became 90 kgs after my menopause and my weight got stuck, irrespective of what I eat or not. I was unable to lose weight on my own. With your diet and guidance, I am now 80 kgs after 2 months. I will continue your regime to lose another 10 kgs under your guidance. Thanks again for monitoring me on daily basis. I really appreciate your patience with which you handled me. I wish you Best of Luck.

Richa Jindal

Chartered Accountant
Hema is a very professional dietician who helps you meet your goal in the most efficient way. She not only helped me loose weight but kept tabs on my nutritional value. Not once I had to buy fancy items to meet her diet since everything was encouraged to be prepared via items available in every home kitchen.
Hema's guidance is a perfect combination of better lifestyle habits and healthy body. I achieved my dream number of 58kgs and is still able to maintain it following Hema's guru mantra.
Thanks a lot Hema for your time and patience. You are the best.

Pradeep Lamba

A small thank you note for your huge effort in helping to discipline me nutritionally and helping me in weight loss and countering the toxic effects of my cancer. You have helped me overcome my Sugar-rushes and motivated me to achieve my nutritional and weight loss goals. Thank you once again for your encouragement and counselling, over and beyond your professional obligations.

Pankaj Yadav

Thank you for showing me that dieting doesn't mean fasting, and how fasting can have a reverse effect. Your simple yet effective measures have helped me loose weight without feeling the hunger pangs.
You made me not only loose weight, but helped me to eat right and that too, through simple thoughtful changes in the daily diet without using complex, hard to pronounce so called super foods.
Thanks for your encouragement, follow up and perseverance. I managed to loose 4 Kgs in one month. A dream come true. Looking forward to say good bye to some more kilos!!

Sarbjeet Singh

This is to thank you for creating a customised nutritional plan that was so easy to implement and maintain.
I have been through so many diet plans for the past few years and i had given up, as they were impossible to sustain and I kept feeling hungry most of the time. You with your regular inputs helped me sustain the easy to implement diets.
Thank you for my journey to good health and looks. I expect to maintain your diet plans for the rest of my life.

Mayank Mishra

Dy. Genral Manager(Admn.), BSNL
This is a small note towards appreciation of the presentation given by you on "All about Food and its Nutrients", to our employees in the corporate office BSNL, Delhi on 10th November, 2017.
We thank you for your valuable time. we found the presentation quite informative and useful.Hope to have more such informative presentations from you.

Manju Rai

Hema is an excellent professional and very knowledgeable, she responded very quickly anytime I needed her advice. She is very attentive and always gives positive feedback. I feel comfortable speaking with her.about everything. She always makes sure I have at least one or two possible solutions to my obstacles. I am very grateful to Hema for her honest guidance. Her ability to connect with my personal needs was truly appreciated. I highly recommend her service.Hema is a fantastic dietician.

Surendra Singh Rana

Head HR, Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Limited
We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for conducting 2 hrs. session on "Food & Nutrition" at our Corporate office Noida on 19th Jan 2018.
The workshop was highly appreciated by the participant with an assurance to follow up all the learning which they have learnt during the program on regular basis and sharing the same with all known people in the society.
We look forward to such motivating session in future

Rajinder Andley

Retired General Manager,
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
I weighed in at over 100 kg on 10th April 2018. After consulting Hema ji and following her suggestions faithfully for 3 months ,I have reduced 12 kg in this short span of time!
I remember her words to me " Mai aapko khila khila Kar patla karungi ! "And truly I never felt hungry nor under nourished a single day.
The best thing was that no weird impractical diets were prescribed. Simple home foods proved very effective. I will continue to follow her principles and methods to maintain a healthy weight even after this 3 month period . IF I find that I'm gaining weight again I know her address and will be right back for her guidance !


Thank you Hema. Your simple and effective diet plans helps me to loose weight with out disturbing much of my daily routine food pattern.
You are easily approachable when ever I need any suggestions/clarifications. You always explained me rationale behind the diet plans. I lost 8 kgs in 3 months time.