Weight Loss Journey of Mr. Rajinder Andley(Age – 63 yrs)

I am one of the not uncommon unfortunate people who have had to fight the battle of the bulge since childhood ! I was an overweight kid at school weighing in at over 90 kilos in class 10 ! This continued through college too ! Inside me was a trim person who wanted to be fashionable and stylish but had to make do with extra large loose fitting clothes. During post graduate studies in UK, a dietician made me ashamed of my huge size and by rigorous diet and exercise I managed to reduce to a reasonable size ! However my happiness was short lived. After marriage the weight piled on .

When I met Ms Hema Singh in April 2018, I weighed over 100 kg. Ms Hema listened patiently to my routine and discovered that my eating patterns were faulty. In 4 months under her guidance I lost 15 kilos ! The best part of her diet plan was that I never went hungry and did not have to eat any fancy concoctions ! A practical approach of eating small meals every 2 to 3 hours really helped me. The diet was based on daal roti sabzi - simple easy to cook home food! Even better and more beneficial was the fact that even after leaving her officially, she had no problems in guiding me and I could follow her patterns of eating by myself

In the following 7 months, after leaving her, I lost another 8 kilos just on self maintenance. I now weigh a cool 77 kg as we approach June 2019. I'm now 77 kg and feel fit and energetic. Thanks Hemaji ! I'm truly grateful.