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Successful Stories


By following your diet, Hema mam, my periods have become regular and now i do not have irregular periods which was there because of Pcod. After starting your diet, within 15 days I got my periods after a gap of 5 months. Thank you so much.


My Daughter has gained a lot of confidence by losing weight and she does not have the PCOD problems anymore. She has also learnt a healthy way of eating and says she has more energy than before. These diets which Hema Singh gave my daughter, are really very effective. My daughter lost weight very soon after her Pcod got cured. I strongly recommend girls with Pcod and obesity issues to take the diet by the Nutritionist Hema Singh, as her results are incredible!!


I am so thankful to you Hema ma'am. The healing diet helped me to lose 15 kgs in 4 to 5 months and it also has healed my pcod problem. Now I am regular with my menstural cycle and this would not have been possible without your Guidance, Counselling and the diet plan . It has also improved my energy levels and i dont crave for fast food anymore . I recommend those with pcod problem should try this diet as the results are simply amazing.