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Successful Stories


Vijay Laximi



Hi Hema,
I am very grateful to receive so many health benefits with your Food Guidance. Speaking of my medical history, I have been taking metformin for Diabetes for the last 10 years and have been on blood pressure medicines also.
With your Miraculous diet, within 10 days, my blood pressure and Sugar levels are absolutely normal.
Feels amazing to see weight loss results also.
Thank you ! Keep motivating people as you do !

Ann Priya Pinto

Hi Hemaji,
I have availed your Services for my Dad (Mr. V. Pinto) who has multiple health issues, especially Diabetes. Once he started the diet provided by you, his Sugar levels starting dropping without medication. As advised by you, we stopped his Sugar medication on start of your diet. He started losing weight also which was around 106 kgs when we started and he is now below 100 in less than one month time. Thank you for your dedication and continuous support. His diet is quite balanced and sufficient. No hunger pangs at all. He has henceforth decided to maintain the new healthy diet and avoid medication. Besides the diet, you have been constantly monitoring my dad's physical condition and progress. Thank you Hemaji from the bottom of my heart for helping my dad regain his health!!

Rekha Tomar

Greetings Hema ji,
Hope you are doing well, i am happy that i came in touch with you in the tough times.
I am five months pregnant when i met you for the diet plan on my Gestational Diabetes. I met couple of doctors in last two months and some suggested Tablets, some suggested Insulin, but i was not comfortable with the medicine, and unable to enjoy pregnancy. that time I got in touch with you through my husband.
I interacted very first time with you on 17th May, when my blood Sugar levels were Fasting- 130 mg/dl and PP - 168 mg/Dl.
You gave me a customized diet plan as per my weight and the nutrition required and you instructed me to stop the tablets. It is just 3 days after the diet plan and my revised results are: Fasting- 96 mg/dl and PP -134 mg/dl.
Really i am very thankful for making my moments in pregnancy . Now i am confident and happy.

Anita Aggarwal

Dear Hema..I had attended your session on 18th May 2020. I was so overwhelmed with your approach that I started your program under your guidence from 21st May 2020. My Sugar was 167 and weight 81+
Just after three days of your diet and nurturing the result is fantabulous. My Sugar has come down to 129 and weight is 80 kg. Unbelievable. Because NO medications. Normally I take 4 medicine a day two for Diabetes and two for multivitamin and calcium
My energy level is at peak.
At first I was apprehension, if i could say survive this diet plan as in past I have gone through Umteens of diet programs without any results.
God bless you Hema for being in my journey NOW to come back to my normal self after so many years.

Sweety Shahpuri

Hi Hema...I am feeling great and hope you are good. I am very grateful to you for introducing me to this diet as it helped me a lot.
So firstly I became more energetic, never felt lazy. Secondly I have improved in my exercise regime. Thirdly and most importantly I improved my diet and timings to eat which I tried in the past but couldn’t achieve. Due to this huge shift in diet I lost 3-4 kgs in the last 8 weeks which was a great achievement.
Lastly I am now off my Diabetes medicine. My Sugar levels as on 17.03.2020 fasting is 122 (I couldn’t keep to this diet 100%) but pp is 107. Now in last few days I am serious, so by 4 weeks Sugar levels will come down even further. I am not taking Sugar medicine for last 2 months. Thanks for your support.

Vijay laximi

I am 37yrs old with a history of Diabetes in my family. During my 2nd pregnancy I had to take insulin doses to keep it under check. Post my delivery I was afraid to do the test again as I felt all right and had no visible signs. Recently I was taken aback when I saw the glucometer showing 300+ as my PP reading. I knew I had to do something and taking medicine or insulin was the last thing on my list. Because of this I even suffered from leg pain. I felt like being lethargic and my face started becoming dull. This is when I contacted Dr. Hema Singh. I visited her and we had a detailed discussion of my past issues and showed her my current reports. She motivated me and suggested that I can easily beat Diabetes and other such problems without medication. She worked out a diet chart for me to help me reduce my Sugar level and at the same time maintain a healty weight. After following the same, with in a span of 15-20 days, my Sugar levels came down to 142/126 (Fasting and PP). I started feeling energetic even pain in my legs has also been recovered. With her diet plan, my face started glowing and even dark circles became invisible. I was overjoyed! I am still following her program and my Sugar levels are now consistently in the'safe' zone. I am really thankful to the motivation, guidance and support provided by Mrs. Singh and wish her all the more success!