Hi Hema ji…..I wanted to thank you for the diet plan and your guidance. It has improved my health a lot. I can see and feel a lot of improvement in my health. I have stopped medicines for Sugar, BP and Cholesterol within a few days of my joining you, as ALL of these are under Control now and I feel energetic and it has uplifted my mood as well. I have also stopped taking medicines for knee pain, inflammation, and indigestion issues completely and still feel much better, energetic and active. I am very thankful and would recommend my friends to consult you.

Rama Kakaria

I am 37yrs old with a history of diabetes in my family. During my 2nd pregnancy I had to take insulin doses to keep it under check. Post my delivery I was afraid to do the test again as I felt all right and had no visible signs. Recently I was taken aback when I saw the glucometer showing 300+ as my PP reading. I knew I had to do something and taking medicine or insulin was the last thing on my list. Because of this I even suffered from leg pain. I felt like being lethargic and my face started becoming dull. This is when I contacted Dr. Hema Singh. I visited her and we had a detailed discussion of my past issues and showed her my current reports. She motivated me and suggested that I can easily beat diabetes and other such problems without medication. She worked out a diet chart for me to help me reduce my sugar level and at the same time maintain a healty weight. After following the same, with in a span of 15-20 days, my sugar levels came down to 142/126 (Fasting and PP). I started feeling energetic even pain in my legs has also been recovered. With her diet plan, my face started glowing and even dark circles became invisible. I was overjoyed! I am still following her program and my sugar levels are now consistently in the'safe' zone. I am really thankful to the motivation, guidance and support provided by Mrs. Singh and wish her all the more success!

Vijay laximi