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Successful Stories

Kamal Manocha


Hi Hema,
I am very grateful to receive so many health benefits with your Food Guidance. Speaking of my medical history, I have been taking metformin for Diabetes for the last 10 years and have been on blood pressure medicines also.
With your Miraculous diet, within 10 days, my blood pressure and Sugar levels are absolutely normal.
Feels amazing to see weight loss results also.
Thank you ! Keep motivating people as you do !

Rama Kakaria

Hi Hema ji…..I wanted to thank you for the diet plan and your guidance. It has improved my health a lot. I can see and feel a lot of improvement in my health. I have stopped medicines for Sugar, BP and Cholesterol within a few days of my joining you, as ALL of these are under Control now and I feel energetic and it has uplifted my mood as well. I have also stopped taking medicines for knee pain, inflammation, and indigestion issues completely and still feel much better, energetic and active. I am very thankful and would recommend my friends to consult you.