A small thank you note for your huge effort in helping to discipline me nutritionally and helping me in weight loss and countering the toxic effects of my cancer. You have helped me overcome my sugar-rushes and motivated me to achieve my nutritional and weight loss goals. Thank you once again for your encouragement and counselling, over and beyond your professional obligations.
Aloe vera

Pradeep Lamba

Thank you for showing me that dieting doesn't mean fasting, and how fasting can have a reverse effect. Your simple yet effective measures have helped me loose weight without feeling the hunger pangs.
You made me not only loose weight, but helped me to eat right and that too, through simple thoughtful changes in the daily diet without using complex, hard to pronounce so called super foods.
Thanks for your encouragement, follow up and perseverance. I managed to loose 4 Kgs in one month. A dream come true. Looking forward to say good bye to some more kilos!!

Pankaj Yadav

This is to thank you for creating a customised nutritional plan that was so easy to implement and maintain.
I have been through so many diet plans for the past few years and i had given up, as they were impossible to sustain and I kept feeling hungry most of the time. You with your regular inputs helped me sustain the easy to implement diets.
Thank you for my journey to good health and looks. I expect to maintain your diet plans for the rest of my life.

Sarbjeet Singh

This is a small note towards appreciation of the presentation given by you on "All about Food and its Nutrients", to our employees in the corporate office BSNL, Delhi on 10th November, 2017.
We thank you for your valuable time. we found the presentation quite informative and useful.Hope to have more such informative presentations from you.

Mayank Mishra

Dy. Genral Manager(Admn.),
Hema is an excellent professional and very knowledgeable, she responded very quickly anytime I needed her advice. She is very attentive and always gives positive feedback. I feel comfortable speaking with her.about everything. She always makes sure I have at least one or two possible solutions to my obstacles. I am very grateful to Hema for her honest guidance. Her ability to connect with my personal needs was truly appreciated. I highly recommend her service.Hema is a fantastic dietician.

Manju Rai

Dy. Genral Manager(Admn.),
We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for conducting 2 hrs. session on "Food & Nutrition" at our Corporate office Noida on 19th Jan 2018.
The workshop was highly appreciated by the participant with an assurance to follow up all the learning which they have learnt during the program on regular basis and sharing the same with all known people in the society.
We look forward to such motivating session in future

Surendra Singh Rana

Head HR,
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Limited
I weighed in at over 100 kg on 10th April 2018. After consulting Hema ji and following her suggestions faithfully for 3 months ,I have reduced 12 kg in this short span of time!
I remember her words to me " Mai aapko khila khila Kar patla karungi ! "And truly I never felt hungry nor under nourished a single day.
The best thing was that no weird impractical diets were prescribed. Simple home foods proved very effective. I will continue to follow her principles and methods to maintain a healthy weight even after this 3 month period . IF I find that I'm gaining weight again I know her address and will be right back for her guidance !
blood group based diet

Rajinder Andley

Retired General Manager,
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
Thanks a lot for delivering such an informative workshop.
It was an insightful experience as we got to know the importance of all the components present in food and also broke many of our myths regarding food.
A few feedback from our participants:
  • Trainer explained everything briefly.
  • Gained awareness about nutrients, Vitamins, minerals etc.
  • Very good concept clarity.
  • Very valuable nutrients advices.
blood group based diet

Veni Anand

Manager(Corp. HR),
Jindal SAW Ltd
I am thankful to Hema who has been instrumental in guiding me to loose my weight.The best part of following her diet is that you dont have to starve. It's just the matter of eating right food at appropriate time. Being a Thyroid patient, gaining my weight consistently was a norm and it seemed an uphill task for me to loose my weight. It was indeed Hema's sheer encouragement and conviction in me that i was able to loose almost 10kgs in two months time.Even now, when i am not taking her services, just following her diet chart has enabled me to loose 2-3 kg evey month. I wish her the very best for touching people's lives to achieve healthy life goals
blood group based diet

Jaljakshi Tickoo

I suffered from Hypothyroidism and gained almost 67 kgs. I then decided to change my diet with the help of a dietitian, so I refered to google and got Ms Hema Singh's number. I consulted her only for a month and was able to lose 5 kgs in a month. Really happy to choose her as a dietitian, she keeps in touch with you everyday which I am sure no other dietitian does. She is very good in her work and with her help you will definitely lose weight. Also her diet is pretty simple and healthy. Amazing Experience. Thank you Ms. Hema.

Reuchlin Anthony